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The Slow Dissolve

I had an inspiration to try something a little different, a vision of ambiguity balanced with definition.  The effect here is accomplished almost completely in-camera with the addition of some local burning and contrast management.


Dakota - The Slow Dissolve

Dakota – The Slow Dissolve

Model: Dakota Snow
©2017 scott nichol
all rights are mine. you do not have permission.




so, i had a minor accident in the darkroom. my setup is mostly a board across my washer/dryer in the basement. it works well, but i still have to do laundry. so, one day after making some prints, i left the tray of developer out just because i’m lazy and tired after i’m done. when i came back, i think the spin cycle caused one of the boxes of undeveloped film to fall into the print developer. i had to scramble a bit to figure out what to do to save the negatives and some were already developed. the others were damp and i thought they might be ruined. so, i just tossed them in the print developer for 10 mins and thought i’d see what comes of them. there was a good possibility that they were already ruined. towards the end of the 10 mins of development, i decided to solarize the negatives (turn on the lights for the briefest second) just to see what might happen. the results were mixed, but i liked this one a lot.

Ilford HP5+ developed in Ilford Universal Developer for 10 mins, solarized, fixed and washed. scan of the 4×5 negative.

model: floofie

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use is prohibited

Autumn Leaves

Kaitlin - Autumn Leaves

Kaitlin – Autumn Leaves

Experiments with double exposures. Shot on 4×5 film.

model: Kaitlin Lara

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use prohibited

Pet Shop Glass


Stephanie Anne – Pet Shop Glass

Shot through a piece of glass found in a pet store by Stephanie’s photographer friend Brian.

Model: Stephanie Anne

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use strictly prohibited

3 Polaroids

Erica - Chocolate Polarid 01

Erica – Chocolate Polarid 01

Erica - Chocolate Polarid 03

Erica – Chocolate Polarid 03

Erica - Chocolate Polarid 06

Erica – Chocolate Polarid 06

the last of my chocolate polaroid for now. not sure if i’ll be able to get any more.

model: erica jay

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use taken very seriously
so don’t do it.


Melissa Trout - Tangled

Melissa Trout – Tangled

experiments with the Fuji X Pro-1’s in-camera double exposures.

model: Melissa Trout

©2013 scott nichol
all rights reserved
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Pinhole Day is Coming


I-78 Bridge over Little Lehigh River

I-78 Bridge over Little Lehigh River

Worldwide Pinhole Day is coming on April 29th this year. so, I’ve been practicing. now i need a nude model that can hold still for about 5 seconds.

homemade foam core pinhole camera with precision drilled pinhole.

I-78 bridge over the little lehigh river, allentown, pa

Solar Damage

distortions and interpretations
light damage and solar flares
my memory and the scent of you departs
i’m lost in what lingers here
the remains are damaged, gone again

Solar Damage - Laura Unbound

Solar Damage - Laura Unbound

Lumina - Laura Unbound

Lumina - Laura Unbound

Solar Prints

so, my friend Lorna showed up yesterday with a pack of solar paper, the kind you’d make photograms of leaves and such outside in the sun. but i decided to print some negatives and chose some lensbaby shots i did with a model friend named Elizabeth. i let her roll around and play sexy and we got some beautiful pieces. i’ve been loving putting the soft focus apertures in my double glass optic. if you haven’t tried this, do it now! 

these are scans of actual prints we made from digital negatives exposed under my UV lights that i use for other alternative processes like salt and palladium printing. we “developed” them in a bit of diluted citric acid and then washed for 10-15 mins in water. the results are quite stunning. 5×7 inch prints.

sorry, these prints are not for sale.

Elizabeth - Solar Print 1

Elizabeth - Solar Print 1

Elizabeth - Solar Print 2

Elizabeth - Solar Print 2

Rhus - Rossland Ferns

Rhus - Rossland Ferns

Brooke and Stephanie

Brooke and Stephanie

Tell Me Again That You Don’t Love Me

today is World Wide Pinhole Photography Day and as luck would have it, i had a visit from my friend elizabeth. i got out my lensbaby pinhole optic and we decided to experiment.

this was shot digitally with my canon 5d mark II, 4 second exposure.

Tell Me Again That You Don't Love Me

Tell Me Again That You Don't Love Me

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