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We’re All The Same

We’re all the same
And love is blind

We're All The Same

We’re All The Same

Model: Kaitlin Lara
©2017 scott nichol
all rights reserved

The Slow Dissolve

I had an inspiration to try something a little different, a vision of ambiguity balanced with definition.  The effect here is accomplished almost completely in-camera with the addition of some local burning and contrast management.


Dakota - The Slow Dissolve

Dakota – The Slow Dissolve

Model: Dakota Snow
©2017 scott nichol
all rights are mine. you do not have permission.

Free Radicals and Open Lies

A little subdued color from the Fuji X-T2.  Natural light from a nearby window.

Free Radicals and Open Lies

Free Radicals and Open Lies

model: Sabryna S
©2017 scott nichol
unauthorized use and i release my radical art terrorist

The Center Does Not Hold

The center does not hold, everything falls apart.

Scan of an Ilford Delta 4×5 negative, shot with a bit of a front lens board tilt for selective focus. Gridded medium sized soft box to frame right.

Zoe CW - The Center Does Not Hold

Zoe CW – The Center Does Not Hold

Model: Zoe CW
©2017 scott nichol
unauthorized use will result in a wedgie you’ll never forget!

Couldn’t Sleep

Alena - Coudn't Sleep

Alena – Coudn’t Sleep

this one goes back a bit to august 2010 (my gawd, 3 years ago?!?). i’d been thinking about it for a while, but it needed some post processing work and now i’m pretty happy with it. taken in Rossland, BC at my friend Michael’s place in the mountains.

model: Alena

©2013 scott nichol
no unauthorized use

Go Boldly

Kaitlin - Go Boldly

Kaitlin – Go Boldly

another scan from the roll of Kodak TMAX P3200 i shot with Kaitlin.

model: Kaitlin Lara

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized usage not permitted
otherwise, phasers will be set to kill


Kaitlin Lara - Complications

Kaitlin Lara – Complications

so, i’ve been aware that i’ve had some 35mm Kodak P3200 film in my freezer for quite a while. some of the roles date back to the 2001-2003 time frame. i haven’t been holding onto them for any specific reason other than the fact that i don’t have a 35mm film camera anymore. but recently, Kaitlin came to visit me seeking help with a photography class she’s taking and she was using our friend Olaf’s 35mm Nikormat. i agreed to help her if she’d let me photograph her with this old film, just to see what we’d get.

one of the problems with this camera seemed to be that the film advance didn’t work that great and we wound up with a bunch of double exposures on the roll. some of them didn’t work out so great, but others, like this one, totally did.

keep in mind that the look here isn’t some digital “film grain” effect. this is the real deal. Kodak P3200 is a very high speed film and has really chunky grain structure that i love. i’m glad that these came out as nicely as they did and i’m happy to share them with you!


model: Kaitlin Lara

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use is strictly prohibited

Leave Me Something

Lili Adonia - Leave Me Something

Lili Adonia – Leave Me Something

natural light coming in through the double doors on my balcony. maybe i should make some prints of this over the weekend.

scan of a 6×7 negative from 2010
ilford delta 400

model: Lili Adonia

© 2013 scott nichol
all rights reserved
no unauthorized use

Holding Back

well, sometimes in your life amazing things happen and you just have to cherish the moment.  a good friend and fellow photographer, Olaf stopped by a couple weeks ago after i bugged him about some 4×5 film holders he was going to give me.  in addition to the film holders, he dropped off a shit-ton of film.  and included in the lot were two boxes of Polaroid Type 55.

really? T-55?  it’s kinda legendary film.  and he just gave it to me.  he just wants a print sometime in exchange.

i’ve already used about 8 frames of it and i’m feeling a weight that i’ve never felt in photography before.  what good can come from this, what truly stunning images can i create?  herein lies the challenge.  and the first that i feel has some heft.  enjoy.

Model: Mikaela
Scan of the Type 55 Negative
Natural light from my open garage door.


Mikaela - Not Holding Back

Mikaela - Not Holding Back


Photosynthesis (from the Greek φώτο- [photo-], “light,” and σύνθεσις [synthesis], “putting together”, “composition”)

Photosynthesis - Sie Ist Idaho

Photosynthesis - Sie Ist Idaho

shot with the Lensbaby Edge 80 lens.

model: Sie Ist Idaho