10am window light

Rebecca - 10am Window Light

Rebecca – 10am Window Light

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the light coming into my front room around 10:00am is pretty wonderful.

model: Rebecca

©2014 scott nichol
no unauthorized usage!

Little Pond Workshop

The Little Pond Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for photographers of all skill levels to shoot with talented figure models in a unique setting on private property.  I will be serving as one one of the instructors along with 3 other very experienced figure photographers: Greg Tapler, Olaf Starorypinski, and Rick Sweitzer.  We will provide guidance on composition, determining correct exposure, training your eye to find the best light, and developing a good rapport with the models so they can help you to achieve your vision. Students should expect to come away with a better understanding of how to integrate the nude figure into a compelling piece of fine art photography.

About Little Pond

Little Pond Arts Retreat, is the residence of a very good friend of mine and his lovely wife. Little Pond is spacious and private. The property offers creative opportunities with natural lighting, textures and tones. Below are some photographs that offer a glimpse of the creative spaces available at Little Pond. To read more about Little Pond, for directions, or to visit their website, please click here.


We are limiting the workshop to 16 so each participant will have the opportunity to work with every instructor and model. We intend to place the instructing photographers in different areas of Little Pond so as to capitalize on shooting time with each model and to allow the participant’s creativity to grow as they move through each area.

Saturday, May 17th
92 S Penn Dixie Rd‎
Nazareth, PA 18064
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
$195 per person (Includes lunch)

Full details, and additional photos of the site can be found at oneG Studio’s web site.

Registration for the workshop can be completed at oneG Studio’s web site.


Dreams of Copenhagen

Dreams of Copenhagen

Little Pond, Frame 5

Little Pond, Frame 5

Little Pond, Frame 11

Little Pond, Frame 11

be my poem

rebecca - be my poem

rebecca – be my poem

shot in an old, abandoned farm house with my muse, Rebecca.

ilford HP5+, developed in Xtol 1:1, scan of the 4×5 negative

model: Rebecca




so, i had a minor accident in the darkroom. my setup is mostly a board across my washer/dryer in the basement. it works well, but i still have to do laundry. so, one day after making some prints, i left the tray of developer out just because i’m lazy and tired after i’m done. when i came back, i think the spin cycle caused one of the boxes of undeveloped film to fall into the print developer. i had to scramble a bit to figure out what to do to save the negatives and some were already developed. the others were damp and i thought they might be ruined. so, i just tossed them in the print developer for 10 mins and thought i’d see what comes of them. there was a good possibility that they were already ruined. towards the end of the 10 mins of development, i decided to solarize the negatives (turn on the lights for the briefest second) just to see what might happen. the results were mixed, but i liked this one a lot.

Ilford HP5+ developed in Ilford Universal Developer for 10 mins, solarized, fixed and washed. scan of the 4×5 negative.

model: floofie

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use is prohibited

Morning Meditation

Rebecca - Morning Meditation

Rebecca – Morning Meditation

a little morning meditation with a willing muse. natural window light, around 10:00am.

scan of Ilford HP5+ negative, shot at ISO 800, 10:30 in D76


model: Rebecca

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use prohibited

Not Like That

Rebecca - Not Like That

Rebecca – Not Like That

model: rebecca

Ilford Delta 400 thru my Mamiya 645.

©2013 scott nichol
no unauthorized use.

Rearranging the Furniture

Rebecca - Rearranging the Furniture

Rebecca – Rearranging the Furniture

model: Rebecca

Mamiya 645 with ilford delta 400

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use prohibited
don’t think about it or
we’ll reupholster your couch

Not Afraid of Falling

Rebecca - Not Afraid of Falling

Rebecca – Not Afraid of Falling

Listening to Trent Reznor and Adrian Belew, played loud. Drinking a fantastic red wine, and editing beautiful photos.

model: Rebecca

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use is prohibited.
don’t do it.

Glen Onoko

Rael at Glen Onoko

Rael at Glen Onoko

Revisiting some old work, this one is from July 2008, up in the falls around Glen Onoko near Jim Thorpe, PA.

model: Rael

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use strictly prohibited

3 Muses

3 Muses - Stephanie, Jazmine, and Mia

3 Muses – Stephanie, Jazmine, and Mia

I love combing back through the way-back archives. Hard to believe sometimes that I’ve been doing this so long. I was at a gathering of models and photographers back in 2008 in Joshua Tree, California and I think this was one of my favorite photos from that week. I was really loving the 3 distinctly different skin tones of Stephanie, Jazmine, and Mia and wanted to combine them all into a photo that captured a mood and this was exactly what I was looking for. Some kind of cross between Jock Sturges and Sally Mann. Two photographers I admire deeply.

Models: Stephanie Anne, Jazmine and Mia

©2013 scott nichol
unauthorized use prohibited.